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INCREASE Team Alignment With Our Actionable Workshops

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Our modular workshops are conducted throughout the USA for manufacturers, technology companies, and professional services firms. Sessions can be held in public forums or private, company-specific venues. They can be customized for specific groups, timeframes or industries and are impactful and practical.


Leadership Alignment Workshop Modules

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The Age of Exponential Disruption

We’re living in a time of unprecedented levels of disruption. Technological advancements are only going to continue to accelerate. The exponential economy offers risk and great opportunities for your company. Outcomes are going to vary more widely than ever.

Even if you and your team are not already developing a strategy to future-proof your business, your competitors likely are. This module is a great first step to aligning your management team about the complexity and urgency of the dynamic new economy.

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An incredible amount of focus has been paid to the convergence of industrial technologies that are beginning to make their way into the factories.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is not only related to cost-reduction and process efficiencies. Industry 4.0 is really about finding new ways to create business value for yourself and others. You can add value to relationships with existing and new customers, and other types of stakeholders.

Opportunities are more accessible than ever and you can immediately begin to uncover your unique opportunities during this module.

Dynamics of the WORKforce OF THE FUTURE

Even more than the convergence of industrial technologies, Industry 4.0 is about people. It is about reimagining work as we know it - going well beyond process engineering.

Today, Human Capital Management is the biggest challenge facing your organization today and it is vital to understand the role technology will play in the rapidly evolving dynamics of the workforce.

This module highlights ways to assess your current strengths and weaknesses and increase your organization’s capability maturity across the spectrum of Talent Lifecycle Management.


Ecosystem Framework Workshop Modules

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INTRODUCTION: The Rise of Digital Ecosystems

Yesterday’s strategies to gain market advantage are too slow and rigid for your company to thrive in today’s fast-moving economy. Today’s industry leaders create competitive advantage by widening and deepening relationships with stakeholders.

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Discovering Your Ecosystem Advantage

Seven of the world’s largest companies are a function of building their own digital ecosystems. But the benefits attached to building or participating in ecosystems are not reserved for large companies.

Ecosystem partners give you access to the information, capabilities, talent, and customers you need to compete, but are less likely to develop on your own. In order to achieve your goals, you need to relentlessly build a better ecosystem for your company to connect to.

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BEST PRACTICE: Curating Digital Ecosystems

When it comes to identifying and developing relationships with stakeholders in an ecosystem, curation really matters.

So much time, energy and expense is wasted when companies rely solely on intuition when choosing to collaborate with others.

We prefer a data-driven method. One that gives you a much higher probability of success as you create ecosystems of companies that can go further and faster than any one company can go alone.

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