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With technology and market conditions moving faster than ever, simply having a grip on your business is no longer enough. Now is the time for your team to be hyper-focused on sustainable growth. TENxOS is the exponential operating system your team needs to future-proof your business. Use TENxOS to gain market advantage during the Age of Disruption.


THE EXPONENTIAL Operating System

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TENXOS Framework Workshop Modules


The 10X Mindset

One way to accomplish extraordinary things in your business is to make the extraordinary seem ordinary. Think about your company’s future being 10x bigger and better, and you’ll develop a new standard for viewing the world. This is a 10x Mindset, where operating at an exponentially higher level is perfectly normal.

When your team makes a daily habit of developing a 10x Mindset, you open yourself up to bigger possibilities for the future that make it increasingly easier to make decisions and take action in the present.

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Framework: Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)

OKRs are the most widely used framework for continuous performance management in fast growing companies. In fact 70% of today’s so-called “Unicorns” use OKRs to know where they are going and to measure whether or not they are making progress towards their goals.

OKRs are not simply the latest management fad. They originated at Intel in the 1970s, and are derived from MBOs.

We’ll show your team how to set and manage to OKRs. They can play a big part of creating a growth-driven culture within your company.

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Framework: Exponential Organizations

The frameworks within “Exponential Organizations” help companies prepare for the exponential disruption that is impacting every industry. In this workshop, we'll examine how the ExO frameworks can be applied to enable your business to create greater scalability.

Framework: 6 D’s of DIGITAL Disruption

The Six Ds are a chain reaction of technological progression, a road map of rapid development that always leads to enormous upheaval and opportunity.

This module takes an industry-specific focus, customized to clients’ needs. Then followed by a group working session to better understand the current state-of-play in your industry, adjacent opportunities, and potential threats to your business.

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Framework: Finding Your FLYWHEEL EFFECT

We have seen how a company that uses the “Flywheel” approach can have a breakthrough and then accelerate revenue growth. The rapid growth of companies like Uber and Amazon can best be depicted by using the “Flywheel Effect” originally described by Jim Collins in “Good to Great.”

Flywheels can have an effect within a company, or group of companies, that not only accelerate themselves but also have a positive effect on others.

In this module, we’ll work with you to uncover your company’s Flywheel Effect.

Framework: 3 Horizons & Disruptive Growth

Since McKinsey published the ground-breaking book, The Alchemy of Growth, the Three Horizons Framework has been used by CEOs throughout the world. This newly updated version of the framework is especially useful today, given the accelerated rate of innovation.

This workshop highlights how teams can actively manage growth in their core business, build adjacent revenue streams and find ways to either disrupt or defend the disruption of their industry.

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