Leadership Alignment Workshops

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GROWTH IN The Age of Exponential Disruption

We’re living in a time of unprecedented levels of disruption. The exponential economy offers great risk and great opportunities for growth. Outcomes are going to vary more widely than ever.

Technological advancements are only going to continue to accelerate. Now it is just a question of who will find market advantage in the disruption. If your team is not rethinking a strategy to future-proof your business, your competitors are.

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Industry 4.0. Advanced Manufacturing. Smart Manufacturing. Digital Transformation — and so on. We have all heard the buzzwords and an incredible amount of focus has been paid to the convergence of industrial technologies that have made their way into the factory.

Industry 4.0 is really about finding new ways to create business value.

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Dynamics of the WORKforce OF THE FUTURE

Since McKinsey published the ground-breaking book, The Alchemy of Growth, the Three Horizons Framework has been used by CEOs throughout the world. This newly updated version of the framework is especially useful today, given the accelerated rate of innovation.

This workshop highlights how teams can actively manage growth in their core business, build adjacent revenue streams and find ways to either disrupt or defend the disruption of their industry.