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TENxManufacturing Ecosystem (Wisconsin)

The TENxManufacturing Ecosystem enables high-performing manufacturers in Wisconsin to reach the next level of execution in the strategic growth of their business.

As many as 40% of Wisconsin’s 9,200 manufacturers will cease to exist in a meaningful way by 2030 - just ten years from now. It is not the largest companies, but the most adaptive ones that will survive. Business outcomes will vary more widely than ever and companies that are well prepared for this disruption will find tremendous market opportunities.

The TENxManufacturing ecosystem was created to focus on three opportunities to transform manufacturing in the region:

Business Model Innovation

Innovation throughout the ecosystem. Companies create new businesses by changing the economics of operations. They innovate throughout the value chain, offering new or improved value propositions to customers by way of new products, new services, more customization, smaller lot sizes or significantly shorter lead times. Companies stay focused on innovation and transforming one value chain first, then scale their findings and capabilities to other parts of the business.

Process Innovation

Companies expand their competitive advantage through operational excellence and production system innovation. They optimize their production system, increasing their operations’ productivity and quality performance.

Talent Strategy Innovation

Companies create competitive advantage by taking advantage of innovative ways to attract, develop and retain talent that is so badly needed to increase productivity. They optimize their talent pipeline and create a robust talent development system, by partnering with ecosystem stakeholders and collaborate with other companies like theirs to bring economies of scale to the battle for qualified talent.