TENXOS Framework Workshop Modules


The 10X Mindset

One way to accomplish extraordinary things in your business is to make the extraordinary seem ordinary. Think about your company’s future being 10x bigger and better, and you’ll develop a new standard for viewing the world. This is a 10x Mindset, where operating at an exponentially higher level is perfectly normal.

When your team makes a daily habit of developing a 10x Mindset, you open yourself up to bigger possibilities for the future that make it increasingly easier to make decisions and take action in the present.

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Framework: Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)

OKRs are the most widely used framework for continuous performance management in fast growing companies. In fact 70% of today’s so-called “Unicorns” use OKRs to know where they are going and to measure whether or not they are making progress towards their goals.

OKRs are not simply the latest management fad. They originated at Intel in the 1970s, and are derived from MBOs.

We’ll show your team how to set and manage to OKRs. They can play a big part of creating a growth-driven culture within your company.

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Framework: Exponential Organizations

The frameworks within “Exponential Organizations” help companies prepare for the exponential disruption that is impacting every industry. In this workshop, we'll examine how the ExO frameworks can be applied to enable your business to create greater scalability.