On-Demand Salesforce.com Expertise

Our on-demand Salesforce.com experts perform regular system reviews, help plan for future enhancements, and keep you up to date on new features.

We provide the skilled resources to ensure Salesforce continues to add value as your business evolves.

If an FTE is not in the budget, Pendio’s Salesforce.com Experts are ready to assist.

Salesforce.com Experts, Not Just Admins

The level of support your team gets is very different with Pendio. Our team is proactive with yours in encouraging utilization. We support them with whatever they need to succeed.

Ongoing Support for Your Team

Members of your team adopt CRM at different paces. Some people see the value instantly.

We are there to guide them and be their help desk to sponsor them and get engagement.

We help your sales team continuously understand where the value lies for them.

Release Your Trapped Sales Data

Increase confidence in decisions based on a complete, accurate data set by combining many data points for a convenient, single source of truth.

Sales leaders are often reacting to data requests, but that is not their expertise. SalesInsights inverts the equation by using a proactive approach to sharing valuable data.

Our experts push relevant data to you, allowing you to compare the information and determine where the value lies.

Quantified Pipeline Health

Utilizing an evidence-based management system helps sales leaders anticipate potential risks earlier.

We apply 5 filters to the sales pipeline derived from the 5 V’s of Big Data: Value, Volume, Variety. Velocity and Veracity.

Our quantitative analysis delivers actionable insights to the sales team that results in better decisions.

Increase Active Selling Time and Reduce Admnistrative Time

Time spent sifting through meaningless data is time spent away from your clients.

By streamlining sales processes, you can better manage hierarchies and relationships among sales people, channels, and territories.

Get the Most Out of Your Salesforce.com Investment

Get your Salesforce up and running fast with a solid foundation that ensures early adoptions and engagement.

Configuration and customization is less onerous when users of the system are bought-in.

Understand your data through interactive, personalized dashboards and rich visualizations

Improved Integrity and Quality of Data

When it comes to CRM, one of the first questions we hear from clients is: “How do you get them to use it?”

The answer is simple. Build a CRM system that helps sales professionals do their jobs better.
Instead, CRMs are typically implemented for management to track activity and serve as a contact database. Sales professionals find little value in entering data for that purpose.

We install PRISM into your CRM environment (i.e. Salesforce.com) to drive value for the entire team. CRM utilization rises, sales performance improves and data for management is stronger than ever before.

Avoid Chasing Bad Deals

What is the most painful and costly way to lose a sales opportunity? Slowly.

Chasing bad deals is a drain on resources. Wasted time, expenses and opportunity costs only increase as the sales process drags on to an inevitable loss.

PRISM is an early warning system for sales. It sheds light on early stage risks, so you can make data driven decisions to get out of bad sales cycles faster.

It provides quantitative data that enables the use of the term “Predictive” in sales forecasts.

Opportunities in this category will result in a win greater than 90% of the time.

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