A Simple Framework for Sales Teams

You may already have pipeline stages, but those stages likely mean different things to different people. Most sales teams lack a common language or a standard way to communicate about active sales opportunities.

A lack of alignment around sales process makes it nearly impossible to determine where each opportunity actually lies. Any confusion makes pipeline management and sales forecasting a difficult challenge, at best. And everybody's performance suffers as a result.

Predictive Selling is a well-structured sales framework that results in a 65% increase in individual reps hitting their targets and an 88% increase in companies hitting their goals. It defines your team's approach, aligns your sales process with your customer's buying process, and enhances sales performance.

Predictive Selling Reduces Your Cost of Sales


The average salesperson spends just 4% of their time actively selling to opportunities they ultimately win.

The Key Ingredients of Predictive Selling

Predictive Selling Framework

Core Principles | Consistent Approach | Creating Internal Alignment | Implementing Predictive Selling

Messaging Platform

Identifying Customer Personas | Customer Business Drivers | Building the Value Equation | Driving Key Perfomance

Ideal Client Selection

Ideal Customer Profile Framework | Customer Acquisition Efficiency | Willing, Able & Ready (WAR) | Success Potential | Advocacy Potential

Qualifying Matrix

Building An Ideal Client Profile | Measuring Purchase Intent | Measuring Appetite For Change

Sales Process

Custom Sales Process Development | Guided Sales Process Templates | Buyer’s Journey Definition | Opportunity Scoring Modeling

Pipeline Management Platform

Pipeline Phases & Milestones | Sales Pipeline Criteria | Managing Risk & Momentum | Data-Driven Pipeline Management

Sales Forecast System

Sales Forecast Stages | De-Risking Sales Forecasts | Forecast Reviews | Measuring Forecast Accuracy

Coverage Strategy

Market Segmentation | Coverage Modeling | Territory Planning | Targeted Accounts

Account Coverage

Account Profile & Plan | Beach Head vs. Wallet Share | Account Segmentation | Establishing Account Cadence | Cusotmer Experience

Predictive Selling Helps Sales Leaders Improve

Pipeline Visibility
Sales Leaders will have greater visibility of the key components that make up a healthy sales pipeline.
Forecast Accuracy
Take advantage of having full visibility to sales opportunities by proactively managing risks in your sales forecast.
Sales Performance
Only 58% of sales people make their number. Predictive Selling helps you increase sales performance.

Predictive Sales Process

Predictive Selling & Forecast Accuracy

Typical Sales Performance:

Forecast Accuracy

With Predictive Selling

Forecastable Opportunities
Predictive Opportunities

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How Predictive is your Sales Pipeline?

What percentage of forecasted opportunities in your sales pipeline will close?

Level 1


Less than 25% predictable

Revenue forecasts are not predictable. Deals just fade away. Pipeline reviews rarely occur and have minimal value when they do.

Level 2


25-50% predictable

Opportunity timing and certainty are seldom correct. Pipeline reviews can be negative and confrontational.

Level 3


More than 50% predictable

Opportunity timing and certainty are a coin-flip. Pipeline reviews are methodical, with some lessons for improvement.

Level 4


More than 75% predictable

Deals are often predictable, but certainty of timing is good, not great. Pipeline reviews are learning & coaching experiences.

Level 5


More than 90% predictable

Opportunities are highly predictable; deal timing and certainty are very consistent. Pipeline reviews help improve our sales process.

Sales Execution Maturity Scale

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