Ep 15: Joe Poeschl, Co-Founder of The Commons

Posted: June 16, 2017

GrowthMinded Milwaukee’s guest this week is Joe Poeschl, a force in the entrepreneurialism and talent ecosystems in Milwaukee.

Joe is the co-founder of both Startup Milwaukee and The Commons. The Commons is a bold collaboration between 24 Southeastern Wisconsin colleges and universities, the regional business community, and the region’s entrepreneurs. The program blends startup ventures with corporate innovation, and layers in over 200 mentoring professionals. The Commons has provided a truly unique, real-world experience for hundreds of students just a few years in.

In his spare time, Joe has involved himself in an initiative that’s built up a lot of steam in the region, called Marshaling Our Resources. He’s leading a work group that’s focused on making resources more accessible to the region’s entrepreneurs.

Todd and Joe have a wide-ranging conversation filled with positive energy about what’s going on in the region, and where opportunities might lie for you, our audience. Enjoy the show!


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