todd miles

Ep 15: Joe Poeschl, Co-Founder of The Commons

On this episode of GrowthMinded MKE, Todd McLees sites down with Joe Poeschl, co-founder of Startup Milwaukee and The Commons. It's a wide-ranging conversation filled with positive energy about what's going on in the region.

Ep 7: Steven Kotler – Author and Co-Founder of the Flow Genome Project

Episode 7 of GrowthMinded Milwaukee features Steven Kotler, co-founder of the Flow Genome Project and best-selling author of Rise of Superman, Bold and his recent hit, Stealing Fire. The conversation is one of the true highlights since starting the show.

Ep 4: Eric Taussig – Founder & CEO of Prialto

Episode 4 of GrowthMinded Milwaukee features Portland-based Founder and CEO of Prialto. Prialto leverages the global workforce to hack productivity and efficiency through a team of skilled and qualified Virtual Assistants.

Ep 3: George Mosher – Hall of Fame Investor

This episode of GMMKE features George Mosher, the Hall-of-Fame investor from Milwaukee. George spent 77 years collecting knowledge, building a fortune, and investing in bettering the lives of hundreds. You won't be disappointed if you invest the time.

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