Pendio's Key Differentiators

Emerging Best Practices

Emerging Best Practices are the latest tools and techniques used by the fastest growing and highest performing sales and marketing organizations on the planet. They may be systems, methodologies or processes. Pendio does the heavy-lifting by understanding what they are, when they are relevant and how to implement them. That access helps our clients accelerate organic revenue growth and outpace their competitors.

Evidence-Based Systems

The solutions we introduce to our clients are based upon making better decisions by combining experience and intuition with data science. Data models out-perform our "gut instinct" in nearly every instance, but nobody knows their business better than our clients. So, we believe the best way to use data is to inform your decision, not to make it for you. The combination will have the most significant impact on organic revenue growth.

Rapid Implementation

Pendio’s engagements are managed using our rapid iteration-to-execution methodology called High-Output Intervals. HOIs offer an accelerated experience from goal identification to achievement. Intervals are conducted over a period lasting a maximum of three weeks. Interval goal setting, execution of deliverables, and interval review occur in that condensed window. The methodology allows for rapid feedback, propels the working team forward, and prevents risks from derailing progress.

Systems Approach

Sales growth rates have the best chance to scale quickly in organizations that promote an environment based on "kaizen" or continuous improvement. We implement Level 5 systems, processes, methodologies, tools, and technology that are designed to be adaptive. The goal is to instill a systems approach that encourages the team to keep reaching for the next level of improvement, even if business goals are being achieved. That requires a growth-minded sales and marketing culture.

Objectives & Key Results

Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) is the answer to the goal setting challenges that organizations face. OKRs improve clarity, direction, and communication. Using outcomes as key drivers, rather than tasks, OKRs promote accountability and transparency.

OKRs create a laser focus that allows everyone in the organization to clearly see what they need to do to achieve their personal success at work. They also see how they need to help the organization achieve success.

Andy Grove created the OKR method at Intel and John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins popularized them. Doerr famously implemented OKRs at Google in 1999 when they had fewer than 40 employees. OKRs still drive success at Google today. They are joined by hundreds of other companies that have used OKRs to catapult them to their next levels of success.

High Output Intervals

90 days seems like an eternity in today’s business environment. Pendio’s engagements are conducted in tightly managed windows. Our delivery methodology involves getting to work very quickly and then rapidly iterating. We offer a much faster cycle time from gap analysis to resolution.

With a nod of reverence to Andy Grove's "High Output Management," we refer to them as High Output Intervals. We combine these short intervals (2-3 weeks) with OKRs to know that we are consistently making progress towards the stated objectives.

PENDIO: What's In a Name?

Pendio is the Italian word for slope.

A lot of companies have been formed to help you grow your business. The names of those firms typically have something to do with acceleration or ascending, both of which are good goals.

At Pendio, we focus on understanding the challenges standing between where your business is and where you want it to be. We believe our job is to illuminate the path that will get your company up that slope and help you achieve the growth goals you have established.

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