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“Why did we lose?” It’s the first question we ask when new business goes to a competitor.

Too often, we run out of time to conduct a constructive analysis of why we lost.

We have a target to achieve. So, we move on and try to get the next deal, often using the same approach as the last.

Optimize Sales Effectiveness

A clear focus on continuous improvement for sales enables faster growth. Win/Loss Analysis can play a critical role.

Improve the effectiveness of your sales team. Gather valuable insights that help you differentiate and deliver your message.

Pendio’s Win/Loss Analysis system reveals what needs to be accomplished to improve performance and win more often.

Increase Win Rates

Increasing the rate at which you win new business is a key objective of a Win/Loss program.

The process uncovers valuable perspectives related to your prospects. Discover why they bought or refused to buy your products and services.

An effective Win/Loss program locates aspects of sales execution your team must strengthen to win more often.

The Value Behind Win/Loss Outsourcing

Win/Loss Analysis results identify common mistakes in sales situations. They provide guidance on how to spot them early and avoid them in future opportunities.

Leverage independent and objective strategic intelligence derived from a formal Win/Loss program. Guide future sales efforts, product enhancements, and new marketing, pricing and technology strategies.

Big Picture: Understand the Competitive Landscape

Why does your sales team consistently struggle against certain competitors?

A strong Win/Loss program exposes how your competitors succeed in new business situations.

As importantly, it informs you of your company’s perception in the market relative to your competitors.

Win/Loss as a Competitive Advantage

Win/Loss analysis is an emerging best practice for B2B market leaders. Emerging best practices are those employed by the top 20% of industry performers.

Launching a formal Win/Loss program today offers you a potential competitive advantage.

The Value of Lost Client Analysis

A client’s decision to end a relationship is as critical to understand as their reason for becoming a client in the first place.

Lost Client Analysis identifies the true reasons your clients leave and what might be done to keep similar clients.

Learn which competitors are replacing your company, and why clients chose to switch.

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