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Is your business growing as fast as you projected? Does your current growth plan include an effective sales strategy to achieve the growth objectives you set?

Pendio combines deep insights about customer needs and buying processes to help sales leaders make better-informed decisions.

Leverage Pendio’s expertise and data-driven strategies to ensure your Sales Strategy aligns with company objectives.

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Customer Messaging Platform

Your messaging platform allows you to talk about your company to your buyers. It is the groundwork upon which everything from website content to social media messaging are built upon.

In a cluttered and competitive marketplace, ensuring target audiences understand who you are, what you do and what makes you unique is imperative. Your messaging platform helps create alignment between what your company does, who you serve and why it matters.

For startups, a strong messaging platform is an eye-catching logo and a compelling tagline. For more established companies, a messaging platform reflects the current state of an organization.

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Ideal Client Selection

Having a clear definition of your Ideal Customer is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Client selection is the one thing you have the most control over, and it can have a significant impact on the growth of your business.

Your Ideal Customer Profile – ICP – impacts everything from the features and functionality of your product to the words you use and the emotion you invoke in your marketing.

Pendio helps you build and maintain your Ideal Client Profile so can consistently focus sales resources on the right targets.

Qualifying Matrix

For a long time, salespeople qualified their potential customers through their BANT (budget, authority, needs, and timeline).

Buyers are now more informed about what they are buying than ever. As this buying process changes, so too must your qualifying framework.

Pendio helps you build an Ideal Client Profile and offers a modern way to measure purchase intent & buyer appetite for change.

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Sales Coverage System

For objectives to be managed effectively, the right Coverage Strategy needs to be in place.

You need to know the segment of the market that offers the greatest opportunity, the channels required to reach that segment, and the necessary sales structure needed to execute it.

Pendio works with your leadership team to identify your customer buying habits so you can determine which customers to focus on. Then you can devote precious resources to the right channels to reach them.

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Targeted Account Planning System

You need to construct territory and account plans that optimize the revenue potential of your targeted segments.

An effective territory plan goes beyond geographic boundaries. Pendio enables your business to build territory and account plans that can adapt to market trends or emerging issues.

Pendio helps you identify the key accounts to target within a territory. Then, our team arms your company with best practices and strategies to penetrate them.

Pipeline Management

At Pendio, we take a more data-driven approach than the average selling framework.

Not only is our pipeline management tool more accurate, but it also provides a checklist approach that guides salespeople through the sales process.

We help you manage risk and momentum, which allows your revenue to grow predictably.

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Sales Forecast System

An effective sales forecast analyzes historical sales, market conditions and salespeople's estimates.

When done right, sales forecast allows your company to:
- Predict achievable sales revenue,
- Efficiently allocate resources, and
- Plan for future growth.

With Predictive Selling, de-risk your sales forecast using customized forecast stages and effortless forecast reviews.

Objective Management

Sales objectives help you align your sales organization with company objectives. Yet, most companies find it difficult to standardize the process.

That results in an overall misalignment of sales objectives and an inability to execute Sales Strategy.

Pendio couples objectives with quota to improve the sales goal setting process. Moreover, this increases the impact of your salespeople.

To make the most of quota planning, focus objective management on the outcomes that keep sales professionals motivated and engaged in the right activities.

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Sales Compensation System

Effective sales compensation management is critical to providing direction and motivation for salespeople. The right mix of expertise and technology can help your team remain flexible and effective.

Pendio’s compensation management expertise promotes and rewards selling behaviors that support your company’s objectives.

Channel Sales Strategies

Pendio can help you create a world-class channel sales program. When effective, indirect sales channels give your business wider reach and get your offering in-front of customers faster.

Partner selection and the supporting systems you put in place are key. Pendio helps you execute an effective channel strategy and avoid the costly mistakes associated with common missteps.

Make certain your business partners are well aligned with your sales and go-to-market strategy, so your channel sales resources remain efficient and drive the growth you need.

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Sales Playbook Platform

Achieving organizational alignment is a never-ending challenge.

Sales Playbooks from Pendio help you convey the best version of your ideal message through video podcasts.

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