Cut Time-to-Productivity for New Sales Hires

The traditional process for onboarding new sales professionals is broken. Typical first-year revenue results are lackluster, which prevents your team from achieving its goals.

Every time a new sales rep is hired, you can share your Sales Playbook Videos and know they will learn your team’s most effective selling methods. A playbook isn’t a substitution for training, but it significantly speeds up the onboarding process and helps your team grow with ease.

Align & Engage Your Sales Organization

Maintaining team focus and alignment throughout the year is a never-ending battle. Inconsistent messaging results in uneven performance.

Most people don’t realize that alignment is a significant competitive advantage. Consistency in purpose and actions saves time and improves understanding.

Pendio’s Sales Playbook Platform helps you align and engage all facets of your go-to-market teams. You can more quickly adapt to changes in teams, buyers, and competition.

Optimize Sales Meetings

Poorly constructed sales meetings are a waste of time. Yet, you need to educate and engage your teams in a timely and cost-effective way. The key? Flip the sales meeting.

With the Sales Playbook Platform, your sales team gains the most value by choosing to consume the content most relevant to them. Then, sales meetings with management are focused on the issues that matter.

Pendio’s Sales Playbooks use your best version of your ideal message. That saves time, reduces mistakes and keeps your team focused.

Remove Geographic Challenges

Keeping remote teams aligned is a challenge. That challenge is magnified when you include complex distribution channels.

Pendio’s Sales Playbook Platform improves onboarding for distribution and channel partners. It also assures alignment when you launch new products, change processes, or adjust sales programs.

No matter where in the world members of your team reside, Sales Playbooks help them work better. Our technology scales to support teams anywhere across the country, or across the world.

Understand Who's Receiving the Most Value

Pendio Playbooks feature your company’s executives and are professionally produced with captions, custom animations, storyboards, and relevant factoids.

Behind the scenes, we use data science to measure usage and engagement. That allows you to correlate consumption with behavioral change and performance change.

Align Your Sales Process

According to a survey by Forrester, only 22% of buyers believe salespeople understand their objectives and challenges.

Sales reps benefit from increased clarity and virtual guidance about your customer's buying process on a consistent basis. A sales playbook helps codify sales processes that are more scalable, repeatable and predictable.

The Sales Playbook Platform is just one effective way to align your salesforce.

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Arm Your Sales Team with Best Practices

The Sales Playbook Platform gives you a library of up-to-date, highly relevant, and peer generated content. This creates a platform of best practices and procedures for all the most common challenges specific to an individual company’s sales team.

Using short, bite-sized videos created by an organization’s own reps has allowed best-in-class sales teams to flourish in a way that has never been possible before.

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