Make Customer Experience Actionable

Net Promoter Score was introduced by Fred Reichheld in his 2003 Harvard Business Review Article, “One Number You Need to Grow.”

Successful implementations of Customer Experience offer much more strategic value than a single number, such as Net Promoter Score.

When Customer Experience is treated as an actionable part of your customer’s success, it becomes a natural extension to your organic growth plan. It is the best way to identify near-term opportunities and risks throughout your existing client base.

Why Outsource Your Customer Experience Program?

Executing your Customer Experience program requires expertise. You can find that capability in-house, or you can choose to outsource it and focus on your core competencies.

One key advantage is the objective nature of the results when run by a third-party. To ensure unbiased results and pure data analysis, trust a partner with expertise in the area.

When it comes to customer relationships and loyalty, Pendio believes in a “No Customer Left Behind” mentality.

Which Customers Will Help Us Grow Our Business?

Customer Experience is a powerful way to engage and learn from customers. We can help you secure actionable feedback to preserve customer relationships and drive revenue growth.

A well-executed program makes it obvious where action is required to drive measurable results.

These are not passive feedback tools. The client-driven data improves your company with an evidence-based framework for proactive decision-making.

Which of Our Customers are at Risk?

Not all customer data is positive. Some insights help you actively reduce customer churn and identify at-risk revenue.

Rather than running Customer Experience programs on a calendar-basis, augment your strategy by measuring at key intersects in the customer relationship.

For B2B companies, a Customer Experience program is ideally suited to better manage customer relationships. To do so, you need to understand the full spectrum of your accounts, where hidden risks lie and what “Moments of Truth” can make the difference.

Which of Our Prospects Should I Be Pursuing?

Salespeople spend less than 10% of their time actively selling into accounts they can win.

Thousands of hours are wasted on prospects that have no intention of switching vendors. In fact, many of them would be considered promoters for their incumbent provider.

Our competitive Customer Loyalty programs minimize the opportunity cost of wasted organization time and focus on competitor accounts where change is more likely.

How Willing Are Our Employees to Recommend Our Products or Services?

Measuring your sales team’s confidence tells you how well your company is positioned to deliver what the buyer needs.

It is incredibly difficult to consistently sell products and services that you either don’t understand, or don’t believe in. Regardless of the tools and training provided, if your team lacks confidence in the company or its products, they simply cannot continue to be effective.

On the other hand, it can be reassuring to know the team has confidence in what they are representing.

How Willing Are Our Employees to Recommend Our Company as a Place to Work?

Building the right team for growth is a difficult and endless task. But you can improve your chances if people are seeking your company out.

Employees rarely believe that their internal survey results remain anonymous or that their feedback will drive some change.

Our internal Customer Loyalty programs ensure truthful responses and accurate data. That means you can confidently make evidence-based decisions to support your staff and improve overall culture.

Internal Customer Loyalty

To outperform industry average growth rates, you need to have all systems working in-synch. Sometimes one function can put another in a position to fail and let the finger-point begin! Not constructive?

Avoid all of that by measuring the Internal Customer Experience.

Is the sales team putting Customer Service in a position to succeed? How happy is product management with the feedback loop? Uncover and address these internal barriers before they negatively impact customer relationships.

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