Our six offerings fall into two categories focused on scalable revenue growth: Customer Acquisition and Customer Experience. 

Customer Acquisition:

By improving the the effectiveness of new Customer Acquisition, you are better positioned for growth and more prepared for business challenges. The solutions below help you identify ideal clients and win more opportunities.  We’ll help you increase the effectiveness of your sales managers and front-line sales team. Key improvements will include metrics like the amount of time, money and resources your team spends on things other than actively selling into opportunities they are likely to win. 

Customer Experience:

Retaining current customers and driving value in existing relationships comes down to the key intersections, or “moments of truth,” involved in maximizing Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). The sole focus here is to find new ways to drive mutual value in your client relationships. Just like new sales, when you implement Pendio’s emerging best practices, customer retention and the growth of existing accounts becomes more predictable.

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Simple Sales Framework to Increase Sales

Predictive Selling is the best way to improve sales effectiveness, win rates, and forecast accuracy. It is an adaptive sales process that benefits your entire team by removing the guesswork from sales.

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Predictive Analytics Engine

PRISM is a predictive analytics engine, customized for your business. It couples data science with team expertise to boost sales performance and customer lifecycles.
PRISM arms the sales team with the tools for improvement and helps you uncover valuable sales data trapped inside your enterprise.

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Customer Experience

Actionable Loyalty Programs

Actionable Customer Loyalty programs enhance customer relationships and optimize Customer Lifetime Value. Understand your loyalty scores to act with unbiased certainty and protect organic revenue growth.

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Strategic Sales Consulting

Operational Clarity and Alignment

Strategic Sales Operations addresses the critical but overlooked functions of your team. Learn how these components integrate into your system to maintain greater alignment.

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Here are a few barriers to faster growth
we help you address


Only 8% of salespeople are elite performers that are intuitive sellers.
11 out of 12 need more help than they are getting from sales managers.


The average salesperson spends around 10% of their time actively selling and less than half of that time working on opportunities they will ultimately win.


47% of FORECASTED opportunities ever close. More than half just fade away.


Less than 25% of those opportunities close on time. Less than 1 of 8 forecasted opps close when they were expected to close.


Customers only tell the truth about why you lost about 40% of the time

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