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Pendio Group is a founding member of a network comprised of senior executives, sales leaders, CRM experts and data analysts. We spend our time thinking about one question: How can we help our clients grow faster?

We staff engagements with senior-level sales resources who have real-world experience. That results in real solutions that actually get implemented. Our team is drawn to companies with aggressive goals and timelines because we enjoy working on projects where the stakes are high. We gravitate to complex sales cycles that require a simple, more effective, systems approach.

Our collaborative style places a strong emphasis on understanding your unique business needs. Our strategies are always tailored to meet your current, as well as future business requirements, and take into account dynamic factors dictated by your market position and your existing customer base.

We know where we can make a big difference and we put our money where our mouth is. The compensation for every Pendio project is tied to client feedback and overall happiness, which naturally fosters long-term client relationships.

“As we were exploring potential opportunities for growth, we recognized we needed some outside help. What Pendio helped us accomplish in less than 6 weeks would have taken us 6 months to achieve on our own. The Pendio team was focused and insightful, and they delivered an actionable plan.”

Tim Sheehy, President, Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce

“Working with Pendio has helped us improve our sales forecasting. PRISM removed the guesswork and our forecasts are far more predictable than before we implemented it. Now we have clear visibility into the true health of our sales pipeline and Pendio has delivered insights to help us understand it more completely.”

Andy Nunemaker, CEO, Dynamis

"Todd McLees is a world class sales and marketing executive, blending a rare mix of intelligence, strategic acumen, and practical execution, that enables him to create the best in class processes, approaches, and systems needed to drive growth and results. Todd has the ability to not only positively impact, but to truly transform an organization's sales capabilities to drive sustainable and predictable growth while unlocking new pathways to value creation."

Chad Raube, CEO, Info-Pro Lender Services

Roger Thrun, CEO, WHR Group

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