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Predictive Pipeline Analytics

Every year, companies spend thousands of dollars having third-party organizations audit last year's results. Despite those audits, risks remain in your revenue pipeline for the upcoming quarters and full year.

PPA© (Predictive Pipeline Analytics) from Pendio uses data science principles to evaluate your sales pipeline by measuring and identifying critical risk factors. You get deep insights into the number and significance of pipeline risks. You also get prescriptive insights to help you improve your revenue pipeline.

PPA helps you audit next quarter or next year's revenues right now, giving you the time to proactively respond to improve your overall pipeline health. Our clients typically see benefit within a number of days and have much improved visibility of revenue risks and their resolution paths.

PPA increases aggregate pipeline visibility in as little as 30 days.


The best way to manage risk out of your pipeline is to have the right tools in place to measure the veracity of each opportunity you are counting on. When you integrate PRISM into, you gain a data-driven algorithm that measures revenue predictability at each stage in your sales process to vastly improve forecast accuracy.

The prescriptive insights that emerge from the layer of clear, qualitative data are critical to exposing revenue risks, measuring opportunity quality, and prioritizing sales activities.

No two customer buying cycles are the same, so PRISM measures the indicators of each individual opportunity in order to increase the probability of a successful close. When implementing PRISM into your sales organization we work with you to develop the unique variables, build an algorithm unique to your organization to measure risk and implement PRISM directly into

PRISM increases pipeline accuracy and reduces revenue risk in as little as 30 days.

Major Statistical Hurdles Between You and Revenue Growth

We will spend >$50B this year on sales training, sales acceleration technologies, and CRM—but if you focus on the statistics below, those investments do not include major challenges we need to address to significantly move the needle and achieve exponential revenue growth objectives.

7 %

Sales managers spend just 8% of their time actively engaged with their sales team.

8 7 %

The typical sales person spends just 16% of their time actively engaged in selling.

8 7 %

63% of sales reps say they are uncertain of how to prioritize the items they should be working on.

8 7 %

87% of knowledge workers are disengaged at work.

8 7 %

93% of employees do not fully understand how they can help their company achieve it goals.


You can put your company on a different growth trajectory within 90 days

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High-Engagement Intervals & OKRs

Achieve More With the Team You Have

High-Engagement Intervals

As sales leaders, we would never consciously hire a full-time salesperson if we knew they would be engaged with customers and prospects just one day a week. Yet statistics show that typical sales people spend even less time, just 16% of their average week, actively selling.

Pendio’s high-performance system, High-Engagement Intervals, combines the science of high-performing sales teams with a particular focus on the key metrics to immediately boost sales performance.

It is no longer theory; the results provide all the evidence we need. There is a distinct correlation between the amount of time your sales team is engaged with customers and their revenue performance.

Clients using High-Engagement Intervals rapidly experience a boost in revenue performance as we immediately change the pace in your sales organization and get key sales activities hyper-aligned with company priorities.

Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)

Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) is a well-known management methodology created by Intel and popularized by their success at Google, after John Doerr brought them to Google in 1999, when Google was just 40 employees and $900,000 in revenue.

Used by some of the fastest growing companies in the world to maximize and manage their revenue growth, OKRs consistently ask the question, “How fast and how far can we grow?"

OKRs eliminate any confusion in your organization about what success looks like, adding a level of hyper-transparency that most companies do not take advantage of. OKRs make an impact because they help create the ideal environment for employees and managers to optimize individual and team performance.

When OKRs are combined with High-Engagement Intervals, you can trust that you are combining a world-class management system with a high degree of focus on game-changing metrics for sales success.

Pendio Enables Scalable, predictable Revenue Growth

Pendio exists for the thousands of successful organizations that have established themselves as providers of great products or services, but need to execute their next growth phase. Perhaps they have recently seen their growth rate decline, or they are facing the management challenges that scaling revenue brings.

The opportunity for exponential revenue growth is not limited to early-stage companies led by twenty-something CEOs, industry disruptors, or Unicorns with a Silicon Valley address.  Many companies do something great, but need a little help understanding how they can immediately improve their sales execution and take advantage of exponential growth opportunities not available just a short time ago.

Many businesses are seeing a disproportionate number of threats at a time they should see new opportunities for explosive growth. Things change so rapidly, these companies need someone with that specific expertise.  That way, they can continue to focus on their core competencies and the mission-critical issues they manage as well as anyone. We help our clients discover those opportunities and prepare their organization to maximize revenue results. 

We deliver by implementing a combination of integrative sales best practices, data-driven tools and technology that result in greater visibility and more predictable growth, as well as the emerging exponential organization business strategies.

Your Exponential Growth Toolkit

When we engage with you, these are the areas of sales expertise and innovation that we focus on to help you quickly optimize your revenue growth rate.

Sales Analytics

Implement the right sales strategy by taking advantage of prescriptive insights made possible by Pendio’s Predictive Pipeline Analytics (PPA). PPA exponentially increases pipeline visibility and decreases revenue risk.

Sales Coverage

Align the buying needs and behaviors of your prospects with the right channels through intelligent sales coverage strategies. Yield a higher return on your sales investment through the use of market segmentation, market heat mapping, and market data analytics.

Sales Performance

Maximize human performance with optimization playbooks and organizational flow. Sales competency begins with the hiring process, and follows all the way through to custom-designed performance based systems.

Sales Management

Achieve your pipeline goals faster by implementing Pendio’s High-Engagement Intervals sales strategy. Hit your revenue targets more predictably using PRISM, Pendio’s solution for data-driven sales pipeline management.

Sales Enablement

Effectively leverage your sales team by equipping its members with the necessary knowledge, skills and processes to maximize sales interactions. Take advantage of Pendio’s systems, playbooks, and sales tools to transform your sales team’s performance.

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Pendio enables scalable, predictable revenue growth.

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