Predictive Selling + CRM Integration = PRISM

Predictive Selling is a simple sales framework, customized for your business. It gives your sales organization a clear understanding of what it takes to win. Predictive Selling aligns the way you sell with the way your customers buy.

PRISM is the Opportunity Scoring engine that augments the expertise of your team with a simple layer of data science to produce better outcomes. It immediately increases win rates and forecast accuracy. That cuts the opportunity costs associated with deals you should not be chasing.

Integrated into your CRM, PRISM provides a checklist approach to selling. That simple addition increases the effectiveness of your sales managers and front-line sales team.

Anything you can sell, you can sell better.

Pendio has the tools your sales team needs to grow your business faster.

Predictive Selling

A simple, wholistic framework for sales that enables world-class performance from sales people and sales managers.


Align sales effort by combining internal expertise with data analytics to improve decision making and sales outcomes.

Customer Experience

Making customer experience actionable is the best way to maximize customer retention and customer lifetime value.

Strategic Consulting

Consulting services focused on organic revenue growth. We help you assess, prioritize and execute at a higher level.

What is the most significant line item in the cost of sales?

Opportunity Cost.

What percentage of time does your team spend Actively Selling to Winnable Opportunities?

Level 1


Less than 10%

The average salesperson spends less than 10% of their time actively selling to opportunities they ultimately win.

Level 2


10-20% of their time

Opportunity timing and certainty are seldom correct. Pipeline reviews can be negative and confrontational.

Level 3


20-33% of their time

Opportunity timing and certainty are a coin-flip. Pipeline reviews are methodical, with some lessons for improvement.

Level 4


More than 33% of their time

Deals are often predictable, but certainty of timing is good, not great. Pipeline reviews are learning & coaching experiences.

Level 5


More than 50% of their time

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Sales Execution Maturity Scale

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